Broncos coach Vic Fangio defends not using timeouts on Titans’ winning drive

Broncos coach Vic Fangio walked off the field on Monday-evening after losing 16-14 to the Tennessee Titans with two timeouts in his pocket.

Why not use them while the Titans were on their way to field goal position?

That was a matter of debate for Fangio after the Broncos were unable to maintain a one-point lead.

The Titans ran 12 plays (moving 83 yards) over 2 minutes 48 seconds, and Stephen Gostkowski’s 25-yard field goal that left 17 seconds on the clock was the winner.

By the time the Broncos retrieved the ball, they had time for just three plays – a long Drew Lock incompleteness that nearly got intercepted, an 18-yard catch by DaeSean Hamilton, and another Lock incompleteness as time went on.

“It was twofold there,” Fangio said of his choice not to use any of his timeouts on the Titans’ final stage. “First off, their field goal kicker had clearly had its problems, so I didn’t want to extend the drive where they could get closer.

“And we would have used a time-out, but we got running out of bounds again, and we would have used the second time-out, but they threw an incompleteness.”

Gostkowski had missed three field goals and one point after attempt for his winner.

Breaking the Titans’ final drive to see where Fangio could have stopped the clock.

* Before the two-minute warning. On the Titans’ fourth game, Ryan Tannehill threw six yards on Derrick Henry’s return. The play ended at 2:16. Perhaps it made sense that Fangio then used his first timeout. He didn’t and the Titans didn’t get it until 2:01 am.

* After the two-minute warning, part 1. After an incompleteness and a pass-interference penalty on cornerback Michael Ojemudia, both of whom stopped the clock, Tannehill threw six yards to Adam Humphries. The play ended at 1:47. Fangio didn’t call a timeout and the Titans snapped it again at 1:34.

* After the two-minute warning, part 2. The next game, Henry growled 13 yards in second and fourth place to 16. The play ended at 1:28. Again, Fangio didn’t call for a timeout and the Titans snapped it at 49 seconds – masterful clock management by an experienced quarterback (Tannehill).

* After the two-minute warning, Part 3. Henry won four yards to the Broncos ’12. The game ended after 46 seconds. Fangio didn’t call a timeout when the clock stopped, but Titans coach Mike Vrabel called one after 30 seconds.

* As Fangio pointed out, the Titans’ last two plays of scrimmage ended that stopped the clock – Henry ran out of bounds and Tannehill pitched incomplete.

The Broncos could have used a little extra time to get into range of the field target.

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