Builder crushed and 'blown apart' by forklift – leaving him with half a body

A teenager was left with no lower body after sinking fifty feet in a horrific forklift truck accident.

Loren Schauers, 19, from Great Falls in Montana, USA, was trapped under the four-ton vehicle after coming off a bridge in September 2019.

Cars began to pass him illegally past traffic lights, narrowing the single lane.

Loren, who was working on a construction project on the bridge, got too close to the edge and the ground crumbled beneath him.

He said, “The seat belt eventually wrapped around my leg when I jumped out, so I actually swung out and broke one of my ribs off the forklift’s floor plate.

“I tried to stay on top of the forklift as much as possible while it rolled, and then I was thrown at the end of the forklift’s hill when it finally landed.

“I was conscious the whole time. My eyes were wide open and I saw the forklift come down and land on my hips and my right forearm.

“I remember looking to the right with the forklift on top of my body and there was a big old piece of muscle from my arm on the ground next to me. It had just been blown apart by the impact.”

The young worker made the bold decision to have medics perform hemicorperectomy surgery – in which everything below his waist was amputated – to save his life.

Builder crushed and 'blown apart' by forklift – leaving him with half a body

Doctors told his devastated girlfriend Sabia Reiche, now 21, that he would not survive, and she said goodbye to him six times – fearing he wouldn’t live another day.

But miraculously, he got through.

The couple had only been together for 18 months when the accident happened, but said the turmoil brought them closer together, and they got engaged this year.

Loren said of the operation, “They thought my lower limbs were salvageable.

“The doctors tied off my main veins downstairs and took scans of my body to see what condition it was in, and they realized my pelvis was completely crumbled.

Builder crushed and 'blown apart' by forklift – leaving him with half a body

“I was transferred by grace flight to Seattle, Washington, where they performed an operation for the first time that left my right hip, genitals and left thigh.

Once they saw the condition of my pelvis, it was then assumed that I needed a hemicorporectomy.

“They then tried to save my sperm with my permission, but it turned out not to be viable.”

A month after his accident, Loren was taken to a Montana hospital so his family could visit him – because doctors still thought he was going to die.

Builder crushed and 'blown apart' by forklift – leaving him with half a body

But his health began to improve at an incredible speed.

Loren stayed in the hospital for only three months, underwent four weeks of rehab, and then went home.

He has taught himself how to put on his ‘bucket’ prosthesis and get into his wheelchair unassisted.

Loren, who is currently unemployed, will be paid but would like to become an influencer on Twitch – a live video streaming service.

If you’d like to support Loren and Sabia on their journey, you can follow him on his Twitch account at @iAceNation.