Butlin's extends is closure across all resorts amid lockdown

Butlin’s has extended the closure of all three resorts until July 2, 2020.

The resort’s latest update is because the coronavirus locking rules have been relaxed.

Butlin’s, the popular holiday destination in Minehead, has been closed since Friday, March 20.

The resort was initially closed for four weeks because the company contacted affected guests, it reports Somerset Live.

Butlin then announced in late April that it would remain closed until Sunday, June 7, but has now confirmed they will remain closed for another month.

The holiday report said, “Following the latest government announcements, we are now working on what the proposed plans mean for Butlin’s.

“We hope to be able to open again in the not too distant future, but in the meantime we will extend the closure of our resorts until July 2.

‘If your break has been taken, you will receive an email, text or letter from us. Please note, we respond to everyone.

“Please note, we will respond to everyone. We will work through the date and don’t worry if your break is coming soon or your arrival date expires and you haven’t heard from us yet, all your options will remain open to you.”

For those who haven’t heard of Butlin’s, the compant asks you to go to their website to discover all your options.

The company has also decided to launch a new arrangement for all guests who have an existing booking. It allows guests to move, interrupt or cancel and request a full refund.

Butlin explained, “We know this is a worrying time for our guests who are outside of our cancellation period, so we have launched a new guarantee for all guests who have an existing booking with us.

“The Coronavirus Guarantee Book gives you the option to move or cancel your break and request a full refund. We ask that you only wait at least 28 days before your arrival date before contacting us as we give priority to guests who have canceled their breaks. “


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