By investing Rs 25,000, the monthly income will be around Rs 2 lakh; Get to know this business at a glance – News18 Bangla

#NewDelhi: It is possible to earn around Rs. 1.75 lakhs by spending only Rs. 25,000 per year in the fishing business (Fish Farming). At present this fishing business is moving forward at a very fast pace. The government also provides various types of assistance to the fishing business (Business Idea).

Way of income

Those who are already in the fisheries business and those who want to start a new fishing business, they have to follow a few specific ways. The fishing business needs to use modern techniques to increase its income. The most common modern technique for this is the Biofloc Technique. Many are using this technique to earn over a million rupees in the fishing business.

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Bioflock technique

The bioflock technique is actually the name of a bacterium. There are huge benefits to fishing through this technique. This technique is done without fish in large tanks of about 10-15 thousand liters. Such tanks are filled with water, dehydrated and oxygenated. Bioflake bacteria convert fish droppings into proteins. The fish eats that protein again. This saves the cost of feeding the fish and also prevents the water from becoming polluted. But while such a process is a bit costly, it is likely to yield huge profits later on.

According to the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), if a person starts a business with 6 tanks using this bioflock technique, it will cost him around Rs 8.5 lakh. But if someone cuts the soil and builds a pond and starts a fishing business, there is a possibility of earning a good income from it.

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More than 2 lakh income

Gurbachan Singh, a small farmer from a small village, earns more than Rs 2 lakh per month by running a fishing business. He had 4 acres of land when he first started this business. He first started a fishing business with a pond on 2 acres of land. Gradually his business began to grow. He started his fishing business 10 years ago. Now Gurubachan is earning more than 2 lakh rupees per month from that business.