Café owner claims staff are 'broken' after 'excessive abuse' over colour of rice

An Australian cafe owner was inundated with statements of support after explaining the heartbreaking reason why she closed her business for a day.

The woman, known only as Lisa, took to social media to share a message about the struggles the staff at Bob’s Your Uncle cafe had recently experienced.

She claimed that she and other employees had experienced “excessive abuse” since they reopened after lockdown and felt “broken” with a staff member who even burst into tears over the comments made this week.

In a message at the cafe On the Instagram page, Lisa shared how they had been criticized by customers for ridiculous things, such as the color of the rice they served, and the safety precautions they had taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She wrote, “Dear customers, due to excessive abuse of a customer today that has left the owner and a staff member in tears. We have decided to close for the rest of the day to support mental health.

“We’ve encountered this kind of abuse every day since reopening about little things like our rice being white and not butterfly pea color because we couldn’t get the ingredient and other examples like abuse related to our policy to protect you. this pandemic.

“Today’s situation has broken us and we need to rethink and rebuild today. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and we hope for your continued support.”

In addition, Lisa shared a photo of a sign she had put up in the cafe window, which read, “Dear customers, due to excessive abuse of a customer, we made the decision today to close down to protect the mental health of our team and the owner to support.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Kind regards, Lisa. ‘

People were quick to share their best wishes in the comments, and many were shocked that people had taken such abuse.

One person replied, “When I think of coming to your beautiful cafe I always think about happy surroundings and good times. Nobody goes to work to be abused.

“You all deserve so much better. You are an incredible bunch of people and make such a difference in bringing joy to the community.

“You do an exceptional job and shouldn’t tolerate any kind of abuse! We hope you and your staff are well,” said a second.

Another wrote: “Lisa, you and your staff are wonderful. You always make our family feel so welcome. Especially with a child with special needs. We love our chats and your delicious and creative food.

“This is incredibly sad to read, but glad you made the decision to be aware of the mental health of yourself and your staff.”

The business is said to have closed on Thursday (November 26) and reopened on Friday.

The message is clear people, always be nice to others, you never know what impact your words can have on them.

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