Cat falls from the sky and KOs pensioner – leaving him hospitalised for 23 days

Bizarre video has emerged of a pensioner being hit by a cat and knocked unconscious on the ground after it fell from a balcony.

Pensioner Gao Fenghua was walking his dog in his neighbourhood in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northern China, when a black and white feline smashed into his neck.

Nearby CCTV footage shows the incident, which happened on July 12, Fenghua taking a slow stroll along the footpath while his golden retriever walks ahead of him.

A cat then plummets from an apartment above and the unsuspecting elderly crumples to the ground. He does not move as the cat quickly gets up and attempts to run off.

But it does not get far as the victim’s chubby dog, seen wearing protective shoes on its front paws, corners the troublesome feline while its owner lies in a heap on the ground.

The cat reportedly belongs to Fenghua’s neighbour, identified as Mr. Yu, according to the victim’s son Gao Zhengzhong.

He told Pear, a video-sharing platform, that he didn’t realise his cat went missing after the incident.

Gao Fenghua's golden retriever ran off to chase the cat and cornered it in front of a shop

“I came back home and some neighbours told me that my cat had fallen from my balcony,” he said.

“I watched the CCTV footage and couldn’t believe it until the police called me to claim my cat.”

He added that he locked his cat on the balcony because it was in heat.

Fenghua spent 23 days in hospital before being discharged this week. He still has to undergo physiotherapy treatment.

Cat falls from the sky and KOs pensioner – leaving him hospitalised for 23 days

The victim’s family members and the cat’s owner are reportedly trying to reach an agreement on compensation for the incident.

The Gao family is asking for a compensation of 150,000 yuan (£16,440), which includes the hospital fee and outpatient therapy.

Mr Yu refused to agree on that amount and only agreed to pay up to 60,000 yuan (£6,573).

It comes after a cat attacked a vet after spotting his dog friend being given an injection.