Celebrations advent calendars 'ruin Christmas' according to these angry fans

Advent calendars have only been in use for a few days, but outrage has already been raised over what has appeared behind the doors.

There are plenty of flavors in the chocolate selection, created by Mars, many of which are the top-selling chocolates.

But instead of finding a Maltesers Teaser, Mars or Galaxy Caramel, advent fans are baffled to find out that Bounty has appeared not just once, but twice.

And it’s only the third day of December.

The Manchester Evening News reports that Mars has put Bounty chocolates behind the doors for December 2 and 3 of the Advent calendars.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of people have taken to Twitter to have a good old groan.

“Why does my Celebrations calendar have back-to-back Bounties? What is this? I feel cheated,” one wrote.

Another said, “2 bounties in a row on my celebration Advent calendar. To say I’m smoking is an understatement.”

“Another bounty today in my Advent calendar and I wonder why Celebrations hate me,” said a third shopper angrily.

A fourth added, “I had a bounty off my holiday calendar 2 days in a row Christmas is ruined.”

One made a proper joke and said, “Level 3 is like the Bounty chocolate in Celebrations.”

Another one day ahead of us has some bad news to share with her fellow Celebrations calendar holders: “I’m on day 4 of my celebrations advent calendar and someone tells me why I have 3 bounties in a row. received ??????? this is a sick joke or something @UKCelebrations. “

Fior his part, the social media account Celebrations has gone out of their way to fight the bad karma for the coconut classic – in an ironic way.

“Bounty has been officially voted Celebrations’ favorite chocolate in the UK!” they stated in a tweet – with the caveat: “Official sources stated this is false and misleading.”