Cheerleader 'killed in her bed by evil stalker after reporting him to police'

A ‘lively’ cheerleader was brutally murdered in her own bed after a suspected stalker she’d already reported to police climbed in through her window.

Celeste Manno, 23, is said to have been attacked in her sleep by an ex-colleague in love with whom she had filed a restraining order.

Police allege that Luay Sako, 35, killed Manno at around 4:10 a.m. in a horror attack, which left a trail of blood from her room on a metal fence outside the suburban home in Melbourne, Australia, where she lived.

Sako is said to have murdered Manno and then jumped the side gate to escape before driving himself to a police station, where he was arrested.

Manno and Sako were reportedly not close, but had met after the “smart, lively and intelligent” young woman escorted him out of the building after being fired from his call center more than a year ago.

Devastated brother Alessandro Manno, 19, told reporters in Australia: “Since that day he has simply been obsessed with her and has been harassing her on social media for months.

“At first she would be nice to him and just say thank you, not interested, and after that he kept getting obsessive, so eventually she had to block him.”

He told The Australian, “At one point she apparently had to change her phone number almost weekly.”

Luay Sako

He added: “It was a downtown procedure that if you lost your job, your manager would send you away.

“She walked him out according to the procedure and apparently this is what caused the crush because she was kind when she escorted him out of the building.”

Manno said his sister – who had studied criminology and psychology in college – contacted police in January to file a restraining order against Sako.

Celeste Manno

Her father, Tony, said the system abandoned his daughter and said “it needs to be changed” because “too many scenarios have already happened”.

Jayden Manno, another brother, described the alleged attack as a “poignant, pointless, inscrutable evil act.”

He said, “Everyone should have the right to live at home, in their bedrooms, on the street. Nobody should be afraid, this evil should not exist.

Everyone loved her. There was no soul on this earth that could ever say a bad thing. She touched everyone, such a wonderful person. ‘

Sako remains under police surveillance in the hospital and has yet to be questioned by homicide detectives, The Australian reports.