Child aged 12 dies of coronavirus as 157 more die in hospitals in England

A 12-year-old child died after contracting the corona virus.

Another 157 hospital patients, who tested positive for Covid-19, are registered in the figures released by NHS England on Saturday, May 23.

The total number of hospital deaths in the country is now 25,534.

Patients within the latest daily figures were between 12 and 100 years old, NHS England said.

Seven of the 157 patients (aged 57 to 88 years) had no known underlying health condition.

Another 30 of the dead were in the Midlands – their families have been informed.

The number of deaths of patients with Covid-19 by region is as follows:

East of England 17

London 19

Midlands 30

North East and Yorkshire 36

Northwest 23

Southeast 22

Southwest 10

The Covid patient reporting system was down for a period of time on Saturday, May 16, meaning this could be reflected in the number of deaths, NHS England said.

The updated death toll comes after a split three-day week was proposed to help the British economy recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) proposes that companies split teams and organize “A teams” and “B teams”, usually Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Saturday.

The concept is based on a similar scheme in South Korea and could help facilitate social distance and reduce congestion on UK roads and public transport.

Employees would then have more choice to combine work with caring, learning or volunteering and lead to a future of more flexible work for both employers and employees, the RSA said.

RSA General Manager Matthew Taylor said, “The crisis can be an opportunity for positive change. We need to get back to work, but we can’t go back to normal even if we want to.

“We advocate a 12-month ‘back to work’ strategy to help companies plan, nurture the seeds of a brighter future – creating a brighter future for work, building our green infrastructure and bringing citizens and experts closer together .

Over time, the work of ‘team a’ and ‘team b’ could grow into a more permanent three-day week, while negative income tax could become a basic income for citizens.

“These ideas and others will be clearly discussed, but it is vital that we have a new mindset to ‘build better back’ and face the challenges we face, from the climate emergency to the massive economic uncertainty. “


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