Child rapist collapses after being lashed 146 times with cane

A rapist collapsed and begged for mercy after being beaten with a stick 146 times in a public flogging.

The 19-year-old screamed when a masked Sharia officer hit his back with a stick in Aceh province, Indonesia, for violating Islamic law.

He was sentenced to 146 lashes, a severe sentence reserved for the most heinous of crimes after it was found that he had assaulted and raped a minor.

The pedophile pleaded for an end to the sentence and was treated by doctors several times before the public sentence began again.

After 52 lashings, the teenager collapsed and was immediately taken to a medical center for treatment because he developed “heavy blisters” on his back.

One of the doctors at the scene said: “When he was hit 52 times, he was found on his right back, there were heavy blisters, if he continued and was hit by the same blow, the blood vessels could burst and bleed.

“It is better if we postpone it until recovery is good and the convict can be punished again.”

Child molester flogged, Indonesia

Ivan Nanhhar Alavi, a prosecutor in East Aceh, told reporters that the pedophile had imposed “the maximum penalty” as a “deterrent.”

The punishment is being handed out as part of a version of Islamic religious law – known as Sharia – enforced in Aceh.

Child molester flogged

Amnesty International has condemned the practice and claims that the caning is a human rights violation.

The group said, “Criminal offenses include consensual intimacy or sexual activity for unmarried couples, consensual sex outside of marriage, same-sex sexual relations, the consumption and sale of alcohol, and gambling.

“Under international human rights law, all forms of corporal punishment are prohibited – they violate the absolute prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and often torture as well.”