Chilling moment monster crocodile lurks just feet away from children

Nightmarish footage has captured a mammoth crocodile lurking near a path where small children are playing.

The fearsome beast was spotted by a visitor walking along the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Singapore on Thursday.

It shows the croc surveying his surroundings just beneath the water surface as children’s voices can be heard just behind the camera.

The creature then camouflages itself by submerging further underwater.

The footage was posted online on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page which said that the video was taken close to the visitor path leading to the Sungei Buloh Bridge.

A picture of the route making the point where the croc was seen shows just how close the beast is to the path.

Last year, another large croc was found on the same stretch of path and barricades were then erected to prevent the deadly animals from coming onto the trails.

Officials advise that if anybody sees a croc they should back away slowly and remain calm.

The reptiles are more commonly seen in waters or at mudflats away from visitor routes.

For this reason, people are told to stick to the designated routes and not stray away from them.

Children seen using the route just feet from where the crocodile was spotted

It comes after astonishing footage captured a monster crocodile emerging from the water and racing alongside a boat.

Robert Dunn, who filmed the incredible encounter in Queensland, Australia, told local news outlet 9News: The first time he came up he had a little bit of a hissy fit, he had a little bit of sizzle there, they growl a lot.

“I was fortunate he didn’t have a go at the tinny, I thought he tried to have a little crack there at one stage.

“I’ve seen him before, he’s a resident in the area, he’s not the biggest one.”