Chilling moment mum tosses baby into canal as boyfriend watches on

A young woman who feared a breakup with her boyfriend threw her four-day-old baby into a canal, foreign media reports.

Alexia Lopez, 18, reportedly said she “didn’t want the baby” and wanted to save her relationship with Jose Clemente, her four-month-old boyfriend.

Chilling camera footage from last Saturday, Nov. 21 would capture Lopez wandering down a road before her 28-year-old boyfriend walked up to her.

Several vehicles drive past the couple before the young mother throws her towel-wrapped son into the waterway at around 5:45 PM in Huehuetango, Guatemala.

The couple quickly turns and walks away.

According to local media outlets Publinews, Lopez returned home and confessed to her mother later that night.

The frantic mother notified the neighborhood volunteer fire brigade, who launched a frantic search before her grandson’s lifeless body was pulled from the canal.

Lopez was arrested by the National Civil Police on Friday, November 27, after the death of the child.

The mother told local media that her boyfriend is not the baby’s father and that he “did not want his family to know about the baby.”

Officials are currently looking for her partner Clemente.

She was arrested on Friday after police removed the baby's body from the water

The National Civil Police wrote on Twitter: “Investigators from the #DEIC have captured Alexia Sujey López Ortíz, 18, a mother of a four-day-old baby who was thrown and died in a vacant lot in Huehuetenango on Saturday 21st of the currents. .

Plus, #PNC is conducting raids.

The boy was born last Wednesday on November 18 and was released from hospital on Saturday around 6 p.m.