Chilling moment white woman points gun at black mum and her daughter in car park

A white woman pointed her pistol at a black mum and her teenage daughter outside a restaurant in a disturbing confrontation.

Victim Takelia Hill says the enraged woman got out of her car after the male driver nearly hit her with the vehicle in a car park outside a Chipotle restaurant in Orion, Michigan, the US.

She then pointed the gun at her and 15-year-old Makayla, as Takelia recorded the confrontation.

The woman screamed “get away” before Ms Hill replied: “She got the gun on me, she was about to hit me with the car.

“Call them, get the licence plate. Get the licence plate now! Cause you were about to hit me with the car.”

The armed woman shouts “don’t you f***ing jump behind my car!” and “get the f*** back!”

She walked back to the car and was driven away, before later being arrested.

She and the driver have since been charged with felonious assault.

Takelia said the woman bumped into her daughter before entering the fast-food joint.

Chilling moment white woman points gun at black mum and her daughter in car park

Makayla then asked for an apology and said the woman began yelling at her.

She told The Detroit News: “Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out, and I had moved out the way so she can walk out.

“She bumped me, and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.”

Takelia added: “I walked up on the woman yelling at my daughter. She couldn’t see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter’s face.”

In other footage, Takelia asked the woman why she had bumped her daughter.

She replied: “You cannot just walk around calling white people racist … white people aren’t racist … I care about you and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made someone make you feel like that. No one is racist.”

Takelia said she thought the driver was going to hit them as he backed out so she hit the window, leading to the confrontation.


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