Chimp 'hold hands' with carer first time after 40 years in heartwarming clip

A captive chimpanzee has been reunited with its caretaker who raised him as a baby 40 years ago.

Jessie, a 41-year-old female chimpanzee, recognized the older woman when she turned up for her stay at the Wellington Zoo in the eponymous capital in New Zealand.

Heart-warming images captured Jessie and her caregiver’s first meeting four decades later.

The caregiver, whose name has not been released, tries to get Jessie’s attention.

Jessie, the zoo’s matriarch, seems to recognize the woman and the chimpanzee holds out her hand so she can “touch” through the glass she separates.

Meanwhile, you hear a woman in the background say “aww” as the couple reconnect.

The zoo posted the clip on its Facebook page and accompanied by a message that read, “ Watch this moving moment between Jessie, our 41-year-old female chimpanzee, and a volunteer who knew her when she was a baby.

“We’re not crying, you’re crying!”

A Wellington Zoo spokesperson said, “Jessie came by pretty quickly and it looked like she knew her.”

Reports say Jessie, who turns 42 in July, is Wellington Zoo’s oldest chimpanzee.

Chimpanzees are about six times stronger than humans and are highly intelligent animals, the zoo introduced.

They can learn sign language, recognize themselves in the mirror, and create and use tools.

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