China Adds New Blockchain Post to List of ‘Officially Recognized Jobs’

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Chinese authorities have added another blockchain-related post to the country’s official job list.

Per the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the body of the State Council responsible for national labor policies, has added nine new official jobs to the list of officially recognized jobs. Under their number is “blockchain app technician / operator.”

The decision follows another announcement earlier this year from the same ministry that added “blockchain developer” to its list.

The ministry’s move, the newspaper says, comes as part of Beijing’s larger blockchain push. The media wrote:

“The demand for blockchain engineering technicians and app operators will increase [in China]. ‘

And the author of the report added that blockchain technology has “ broad application prospects. ”

State-run companies are reportedly picking up blockchain talent in China, where startups are already complaining that they are struggling to find enough specialists to fill vacancies. Earlier this year, demand has outpaced supply for blockchain specialist jobs in the Middle Kingdom – due in part to the rapidly growing digital yuan ecosystem.

Chinese tech giants love Tencent and Alibaba, the operators of two e-pay platforms that have jointly cornered some 15% of the country’s payment markets, have growing blockchain departments, while several major international crypto exchanges – founded in China prior to the crackdown occur in 2017 – have recently returned to the country in recent months to conduct seemingly large-scale blockchain operations.

A number of coronavirus and infectious disease-fighting roles were also added to the new list, including “disinfection specialist”, “epidemic prevention officer” and “public health officer”.
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