China mocks US response to coronavirus in bizarre cartoon – 'it's only a flu'

Chinese state media has released a video to mock the slow response of the US in the fight against the corona virus and to tease them that the virus is “just a flu.”

The 90-second clip, titled “Once Upon a Virus,” was posted on Xinhua Twitter featuring two Lego-esque characters, one talking to a Chinese terracotta warrior in a face mask and the other as the Statue of Liberty.

The warrior tells the Statue of Liberty that ‘strange pneumonia cases’ were reported to the World Health Organization in December 2019 and a month later saying, ‘We’ve discovered a new virus.’

The parable of the New York statue replies, “So what? It’s just a flu.”

The warrior then gives instructions to propose the statue to wear a mask and stay at home. But the New York icon answers with a squeaky voice, “It violates human rights.”

The conversation seems to be about how China repeatedly warned the US about the severity of the coronavirus and how the response of US President Donald Trump to press conferences was.

The animation shows the mighty Chinese winning in the pandemic with the help of an army of doctors, while the picture looks rather sick.

State media Xinhua posted the clip on Twitter to demonstrate their efforts to fight the virus

The warrior also claims that they “made everything public” when accused by the American lie statue.

The video ends with the image saying, “We’re always right, even when we contradict ourselves,” while China replies, “I like that about you Americans, your consistency.”

It is widely believed that China hid the true numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths in the past four months, when residents of Wuhan claimed that a number of bodies had been stacked in hospitals.

Doctor Li Wenliang, who first warned about the virus, was arrested along with seven other medical workers for “spreading false rumors”.

Outspoken critic Ruomei Zhou previously revealed to Daily Star Online that a Wuhan physician had told her that “the death toll on doctors and nurses and their families was over 20,000”

Donald Trump said he believes China’s treatment for the coronavirus pandemic is proof that Beijing will “do all they can” to make him lose his reelection offer in November, Reuters said.

The Lego news agency wrote in a statement by email on Saturday, “We were in no way involved in creating the animation.”