Chinese special forces branded 'TikTok army' after showing off 'sleep training'

The Chinese army have been criticised and accused of “over-acting” after a video emerged of a sleeping soldier jumping into action when he feels his weapon is being snatched away.

The clip came during rising tension between India and Chinese armed forces at the eastern Ladakh border in the Himalayas where 20 Indian soldiers died during the dispute.

Posted by Shanxi Armed Police on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, the 19-second footage was uploaded on Monday before it was shared by Chinese mouthpiece Global Times on Twitter.

Footage shows the special forces soldiers resting on the ground during the “devil’s week” training.

A trooper suddenly jumps into action when he feels his weapon is being snatched away.

It is said to be part of the “sleep training” to test the soldier’s alertness to the environment.

The state-owned newspaper tweeted the video and said: “Even asleep with exhaustion after intensive training, they won’t allow anybody to take their guns away. This is what guns mean to Chinese soldiers.”

More than 1.6 million people have watched the clip and viewers have since branded the Chinese soldiers a “TikTok army” and some said they were “over-acting” in the video.

One wrote: “Even random TikTok star can make better video than this in Bharat.”

Viewers accused the soldiers of 'over-acting' when they realised someone was trying to take their weapons

Another one asked: “So much overacting? that too for Chinese guns?”

A third answered: “It’s TikTok army.”

“You need some hard work on these $1 per day actors,” a fourth joked.

China’s foreign ministry confirmed there had been a “violent physical confrontation” on Monday in the border area, with local news agency reports stating at least 43 soldiers were killed.

Indian troops have been accused by their Chinese counterparts of carrying out “provocative attacks” leading to “serious physical conflicts” in a disputed border area.


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