Christmas market shut down amid social distancing concerns

The Nottingham Christmas market has been closed due to social distance concerns.

The market first opened on Saturday, December 5, with a Ferris wheel, food and gift stalls, and other attractions.

The organizers decided to temporarily close the event 24 hours after opening, Nottingham Post report.

Photos were shared online of the bustling market with large crowds gathered on the Old Market Square on Saturday, despite it falling under Tier 3 restrictions.

On Sunday, the Mellors Group, which operates the Christmas market, said it would have to temporarily close the attraction due to “unprecedented high visitor numbers”.

Nottinghamshire police said officers were on the market all day to ensure a visible presence and to disperse large crowds in the area.

Game designer Luke Brown, 24, from The Meadows neighborhood of Nottingham, said there were at least a few hundred people in the market who described it as “crazy.”

He said: “I was on the edge of the market because there were so many people inside, a lot of people were wearing no masks at all and there was certainly no distance of two meters.

“I felt very uncomfortable being there, so we literally went home after five minutes.”

In a statement, the Mellors Group said: “In light of the unprecedented numbers of visitors across the country to national retailers, we have decided to temporarily close the Christmas market (Sunday).

“The accumulated demand for a supply in the city center has been much higher than normal and we think this is the most appropriate way to move forward.

“This allows us to track visitor numbers in the city center today and ensure that our activities appropriately support residents and local businesses.”

The city was placed in Tier 3 – the toughest measures – of the new Covid-19 restrictions that took effect in England from Wednesday after the four-week national lockdown ended.