Churches rebrand as 'family-friendly' strip clubs to get around Covid-19 rules

Two megachurches have continued to defy Covid-19’s lockdown rules and hold worship services indoors – after rebranding themselves as “strip clubs.”

Pastors from both Awaken Church in San Diego and Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California, USA have stated that their places of worship are now strip clubs, to allow themselves to remain open under the latest lockdown law .

The rules allow businesses such as supermarkets and gas stations to keep their doors open, as well as strip clubs. Churches, however, may not remain open.

In the video shared by Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of Awaken Church, he and a colleague perform a clumsy 30 second dance onstage declaring the church an “Awaken Family Friendly Strip Club.”

The couple takes off their blazers and throws them into the audience before proceeding to remove their tie.

A man is heard counting down the seconds as he tells them to perform at least 30 seconds to call it official.

In the post, Jurgen said the church is a “strip club” where we strip the devil of his grip, power and authority over people’s lives.

Godspeak pastor Rob McCoy made a similar statement, attacking the so-called “tyranny” of the government, local media reports WIBC.

“Those who are abused are being quarantined with their abusers,” he said. “Elderly people are lonely and isolated for no reason.

The pastor removed their coats and ties for a 30-second `` family friend '' strip show

“No one should attend the funerals of their loved ones … it is our responsibility to support people.”

The rebrand came after Joel Wohlfeil, judge at the Superior Court of San Diego, issued a temporary restraining order last month on the state’s order to keep strip clubs closed.

He said strip clubs should be allowed to provide live entertainment for adults.