Cops hunt lion cub after it's seen leaning out of car in drug cartel heartland

Police are tracking down a driver after a lion cub was spotted poking its head out of a luxury sports car on a busy road.

The bizarre incident took place in Mazatlan city, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa which is where Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s notorious Sinaloa Cartel is based.

Video taken on August 29 captures the fearless beast taking a ride in the black convertible and trying to reach its head out of the passenger seat window.

A man sitting in the passing minivan is seen taking pictures of a lion cub when both cars stop at the traffic light.

The big cat makes a roar towards the passenger and continues to try and poke its head out a bit more.

The Federal Attorney’s Office of Environmental Protection was alerted soon after the clip was posted online.

Officials said they have launched an investigation and are now conducting a search for the feline and its owner.

The lion cub poked its head out of the window and made a roar at other drivers

Fernando Rodriguez Mariles, head of the department, made a statement saying they will “try to locate the person and the residence” where the cub is being kept to request the “permit which they are required to have”.

He added: “They must have a permit but even if they do, they cannot take him out, it is not allowed. If he has the corresponding documentation, however, then it is fine.”

He said that until all was cleared up, they were urgently trying to track the driver down. It is unclear what charges if any, the driver will face.

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