Coronavirus vaccine trials start on monkeys with results expected by September

A vaccine is being tested against coronavirus in monkeys after the initial experiments with mice were positive, an official in Thailand said.

Suvit Maesincee, Thai minister of higher education, science, research and innovation, said research has moved vaccine testing to monkeys and hopes to have a “clearer result” of its effectiveness by September.

The country announced on Wednesday that it plans to develop a vaccine and hopes to bring it into production for public use next year.

Mr. Maesincee told reporters, “This project is for humanity, not just Thai. The Prime Minister (Prayuth Chan-ocha) has outlined a policy that we should develop a vaccine and join the international community.”

The vaccine trials are just one of 100 in the world that started immediately after Covid-19 threw around the world.

So far, the virus has killed only 56 people in Thailand, compared to more than 36,000 in the UK.

Thailand also has only 3,040 confirmed cases, a drop in water to 257,000 in Britain.

Maesincee said the country has even started reserving manufacturers for its coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus vaccine trials start on monkeys with results expected by September

The vaccine uses RNA, a messenger that prompts the body’s cells to produce antigens, molecules on the surface of viruses, that activate the immune system.

It is developed by the National Vaccine Institute, the Department of Medical Science and the Chulalongkorn University vaccine research center.

Dr William Haseltine, a former Harvard Medical School professor, said that a trial of another Covid-19 vaccine at Oxford University infected three out of seven primates tested.

The same amount of the virus was found in their noses as the three unvaccinated primates.


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