COTI Network Strikes Deal with Gaming Giant Dafabet

One of the world’s largest gaming groups, Dafabet, has announced that it is partnering with COTI to facilitate digital currency processing. The deal is a coup for COTI, which aims to become the network for the digital payments industry, and shows where the gaming industry is headed: the same place as every other online industry – crypto.

The deal between COTI and Dafabet is much more than a LOI or an exploratory pilot: COTI has developed a special wallet and payment system for Dafabet, which will be integrated into several of the gaming platforms under Dafabet’s control. The aim is to offer a crypto payment experience that is as smooth from the customer’s point of view as paying with Fiat.

COTI rises

The deal with Dafabet is COTI’s largest to date, certainly based on Dafabet’s revenue, which is around $ 1 billion a year. With 1.5 million visitors per month landing on the company’s numerous gaming sites, the company has the potential to turn many eyeballs toward crypto, albeit weird. COTI’s value proposition hinges on making payments as seamless as possible. This means you don’t have to wait endlessly for mempools to be cleared and Bitcoin transactions to be confirmed.

The COTI Trustchain will make a significant contribution to the forwarding of digital payments, supplemented by the Payment Gateway Tech Stack. The product that will be integrated into Dafabet’s game pages is a branded version of COTI Ultra eWallet. It includes support for fiat currencies and stablecoin, so users can take advantage of crypto without price fluctuations. The speed of COTI’s trustchain network ensures that transactions are processed almost instantly.

COTI has announced that the transaction volume in Trustchain is expected to increase significantly due to the Dafabet deal. This, in turn, benefits COTI owners, stakers, and node operators who see much more traffic flowing through the high speed crypto network.

Great in the UK, Asia and elsewhere

In the United Kingdom, Dafabet is a well-known game operator whose logo is stuck on the jerseys of top-class teams such as Celtic in Scotland and Aston Villa in England. The company also sponsors another half a dozen football clubs in the English leagues and several cricket clubs. On a global basis, Dafabet enjoys strong brand recognition in Asia, whose love of gambling needs no explanation, and is headquartered in the Philippines.

Since it was founded in 2004, Dafabet has developed into one of the world’s 20 leading e-gaming providers and is present on all major continents. COTI is no stranger to the world of gaming either. The blockchain company is headquartered in Gibraltar, which is where many of the UK’s gambling operators are based. On November 24th, COTI announced the release of Blockchain Dollars, a stable coin product for the gaming industry. The partnership with Dafabet further strengthens this offer and leaves no doubt as to where the loyalty of COTI lies.

COTI Network Strikes Deal with Gaming Giant Dafabet