Couple and their seven-month-old baby crushed to death after cliff collapses

An entire family was tragically killed when a cliff collapsed on top of them while they enjoyed the afternoon at the beach.

A young couple, their seven-month-old baby and their pet had no time to escape when the cliff came down on Tuesday.

The mother had taken her son and wrapped her body around him to protect him when debris began to fall on Pipa Beach in Tibau do Sul, in the northeastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.

But before they could flee the beach, the cliff fell and crushed the whole family, reports the Daily Star.

Family crushed

The hotspot is known to be at risk of cliff fall, but the warnings have been destroyed by the sea, authorities said.

Witness Igor Caetano, a maritime businessman, told local media that the victims were close to the cliffs and that the mother hugged her baby to protect him when the debris fell on them.

He said, ‘We dug until we found the father, and then we found the mother and the child.

The boy was still breathing. Coincidentally, a doctor came by. She tried to bring the child back to life, but she couldn’t. ‘

The man has been named as Hugo Mendes Pereira, who was the reception manager of the local Sun Bay Hotel. He was originally from the Jundiai municipality, in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo, but had lived in Pipa for a number of years.

Cliff collapsed

Shocked witnesses gathered at the scene of the incident

Pereira enjoyed a day off at the beach with his wife, 32-year-old Stela Silva de Souza, their seven-month-old son Sol de Souza Pereira, and their dog.

Souza’s cousin, fisherman Joao Marinho, told local media: “I was born and raised here and this has always happened, but the sea is destroying the cliffs more and more. We see tourists enjoying the shade under the cliffs and we ask them to leave because we know the risk. “

Mother and child crushed by a fall from a cliff

Fabio Pinheiro, the council’s communications secretary, informed local media that the couple had been alerted to the risk by a local government official shortly before the accident.

According to Francisco Albuquerque Neto, the council’s city clerk, the local government had placed a warning sign along the stretch of beach where the incident took place. But that too had been destroyed by the sea.