Couples living apart in Tier 2 'should only meet outdoors' says Health Secretary

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said couples living separately in Tier 2 would only be able to see each other outside.

Mr. Hancock addressed a question from the public at the Downing Street press conference to notify the public of the transition from lockdown to levels set to happen next Wednesday (December 2).

Mr. Hancock said, “The rules about what exactly is allowed in each of the levels are on the website.

“I start my answer with that, because if everyone checks whether you are in a certain situation, it is best to look precisely at the rules.

“Now of course I understand the impact on people with long-term relationships and we have made a specific provision.

“But the general rule for those in Level 2 is that the rule of six applies outdoors, even in a private garden, for example, but indoors you should only mix with people who are in your own household.”

Earlier he told the briefing that “we have this virus back under control.”

He said cases in England have fallen by 30% in the past week.

“This is clearly good news. It shows that the national restrictions have been successful, ”he said.

“And what this means in practice is that through everyone’s actions in respecting the national lockdown, and through all that people have sacrificed, we’ve reduced the pressure on the NHS, we’ve reduced the number of coronavirus cases, we’ve got this virus. back under control. “

Speaking of mass tests being brought in across the country, he urged anyone who offered to take a test, saying that “you might be able to save a life.”

He told the Downing Street press conference, “If you have Covid without symptoms and still infect others, that is of course a silent danger.

‘You wouldn’t know you’re risking lives around you.

“So for everyone: if you are offered a test, please do it, you might save a life.”