Covid-19 doctor is shot in the stomach on the way to work

A doctor was shot in the abdomen as he walked to work to treat Covid-19 patients.

Juan Manuel Paredes Torres, 36, also had his backpack robbed this week in the senseless attack.

His attacker is said to have gotten off an engine before pulling the trigger in Lima, Peru. Mr. Torres then had his backpack taken and was knocked to the ground.

But it is clear that the victim managed to stumble into a park and warn passers-by of the shooting.

Mister Torres was rushed to the hospital and needed four hours of surgery.

The surgeon, Renato Raez, told local media, “He had several injuries to his gut. The operation lasted at least four hours. He is in the hospital and his life is not at risk.

“His prognosis is positive, he’s conscious and he even talks.

“He’ll be in the hospital for a few more days.”

Local media report that Torres works with coronavirus patients in Lima and is highly respected in the community.

His neighbors were angry with the attack.

The police launched an investigation, but no arrests have been reported.


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