Covidiot revellers flout social distancing at wild boozy pool party

Thousands of drunken revelers blatantly ignored the social distance rules for partying at a tourist hot spot in the U.S.

Photos and videos taken at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri showed people in the warm weather partying as they danced, swam, and drank.

The holiday hotspot typically draws thousands of people for their Memorial Day weekend, and despite the ongoing corona virus crisis, this year was no different.

A shocking clip made on Osage Beach showed hundreds of partygoers drinking alcohol in a swimming pool.

In the images, very few people were seen taking social distance and many shamelessly ignored it.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Department said that there were no more orders across the state allowing officers to distance themselves socially.

A spokesman said, “The health regulations and commission orders expired when the state reopened.

“Of course the state has social distance guidelines, but it doesn’t seem that everyone is following it very well here.”

The revelers arrived in the area after state governor Mike Parson partially reopened the state and had businesses and restaurants open their doors.

But the direction that “every person and company in the state of Missouri should adhere to the requirements of social distance” was ignored.

The images and clips caused a huge backlash in the United States, leading the world into coronavirus deaths.

Covidiot revellers flout social distancing at wild boozy pool party

One of them said, “I don’t think health workers, who risk their lives and have burned for three months, should treat these pompous dumbas that flocked to Ocean City and Lake of the Ozarks this weekend. I am still amazed at how selfish Are Americans. “

Another said: “I hope everyone who partied in Lake of the Ozarks this weekend will find it worthwhile. Another 100,000 will die if people remain so selfish and stupid. ‘

A third said, “Disgusting behavior on the Lake of the Ozarks.”

The US has registered 97,000 coronavirus deaths and 1.68 million confirmed cases.


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