Crazed woman abandons her child at home and tries to kidnap baby from neighbours

Chilling footage has emerged of a crazed mum-of-two knocking on her neighbour’s house before attempting to snatch away their baby.

Hannah Braun, 28, left her two young child alone at home when she went around the St. Petersburg neighbourhood at early hours on Tuesday morning.

Doorbell camera footage captured the moment Braun walking up to her neighbour, Amber’s front door at 2am.

She places her hand on the door handle and impatiently says: “It’s me. It’s me, momma. Hannah.”

Braun quickly puts her phone back in the pocket when she enters the house.

The video ends after she closes the door.

Local media WFLA reported that a child opened the door and let her in. Braun was trying to snatch a nine-month-old baby from a 12-year-old girl before Amber managed to stop her.

In a statement Amber gave St Petersburg police, she said: “She’s standing in my living room, talking about… ‘yah, I’m just here to get the baby. I’m trying to protect the baby.’

“I’m like ‘protect the baby? Why are you in my house?’

“I don’t want to live here anymore. I don’t feel safe. It’s not a good feeling at all.”

She entered the house and tried to kidnap a nine-month-old baby from a young child

Apparently Amber was not the only one being targeted, another neighbour, Thelma Reynolds, also said Braun tried to kidnap her one-year-old grandson.

She told the outlet: “She wanted the baby. She said she was taking care of babies here. And that’s what she wanted. She wanted this baby.”

The police attended the scene shortly after the neighbours called for emergency help.

Braun was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault or battery, child abuse and two counts of neglect of a child without great bodily harm.

The two children, both under the age of five, are now in the care of a family friend.

The two neighbours, Amber and Thelma, were left shaken after the incident and believed the abandoned children were suffering from the trauma.

Braun is in jail on $145,000 (£110,000)bond.