Creative mum transforms home using clever free painting technique

If you want to redecorate your home for less money at exit, you may want to be this creative mom.

Sarah Powell was keen to transform her hallway with a unique design, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

The 33-year-old found a clever free painting technique that cost her absolutely nothing.

She told the money-saving community “We moved to our house last January and started renovating. The hallway was covered with wood chips and years of paint.

“I carefully removed all the wood chips and then painted the walls in Dulux cotton white paint, which made a huge difference and really opened up the space and gave it a fresh and airy feel, but I still felt something was missing. It just had an extra warmth and depth.

“I was constantly browsing home accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and came across some designs with dots and stripes that people had painted on their wall, and I came up with the idea to create a diagonal tribal type pattern.

“I had some gray paint left over from another project I had done and decided to go for it. With a small, round brush, I started painting on freehand lines in the top right corner and worked my way back and forth.

“Because I did it completely freehand and without marking it beforehand, some lines are not quite straight, but I think that adds character and makes it unique to me.

Creative mum transforms home using clever free painting technique

‘When I started painting, I stopped and looked at it and thought’ do I like it? and “should I continue or not?” but i decided i should keep going and in the end i love the finished look.

“Total painting time took about an hour and a half to two hours, which suited my daughter’s naps perfectly.”

Sarah is over the moon with her unique wall design and says a project like this is affordable and a big distraction during the closing.

She added, “The project cost me nothing because I already had the paint and brush from previous projects, but a small test pot of paint would have been easy enough to cover if you don’t have leftover paint

“I painted mine completely freehand, but if someone wanted a slightly polished look, I would recommend taping the lines between each zigzag to keep the lines straight.

“I thought this was a great little lockdown project because I thought it was therapeutic to do and it made my hallway space much more inviting!” co-founder, Tom Church, said, “Most of us have some leftover paints at home, and lockdown is the perfect time to make good use of them!

Sarah’s relaxed approach is perfect: if you see an idea you like, prepare and make sure you have the right materials, but don’t think about it.

“If you don’t have paint at home, check out Facebook Marketplace, Shpock and Freecycle for people who might be decrypting and giving them away for free! When you pick it up, make sure you keep social distance and clean the items with antibacterial wipes. “


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