Creepy moment stranger stares at sleeping girl, 15, after breaking into home

A man was filmed watching over a sleeping girl after breaking into a Kansas house in the middle of the night.

The intruder walked through the house and left without hurting anyone or stealing property.

Homeowner Angel Robinson called the police after hearing her 15-year-old daughter Aniyah scream and shout.

Images from a security camera installed in the house showed the man, dressed in a lilac-colored hoodie, descending a staircase to the living room at Angel’s house in Wichita at around 2:30 last Friday.

He walks around slowly and enters a bedroom where Aniyah slept.

The man keeps his hands in the pockets, leans forward over the sofa bed and stares at Aniyah.

He goes back to the living room and turns on the light.

Aniyah told ABC affiliate Local News 8 that as soon as she opened her eyes, she felt like she was in a scene from a movie.

“It just scared me because someone was watching me that I didn’t know,” said Aniyah. “It’s just scary.”

CCTV footage made a clear picture of the stranger breaking into Angel's house last Friday

Mom Angel said, “She come in and she screamed and screamed and said,” Mom, there’s someone in the house. “

She woke up and took her two-year-old daughter and Aniyah to another room and called for help.

Wichita police responded quickly, but the intruder had already left.

Fortunately, Angel was able to capture a clear image of the stranger from the security footage and hand it over to the police for further investigation.

She hoped the police could catch the suspect so she wouldn’t have to worry about him returning to her home.

Angel added, “He didn’t take anything and I think that’s scarier.

“Because what did you want? I don’t know what you want, will you come back?

“You don’t know if he did this before.

“Next time it might be something else or you know who knows what he’s thinking.”


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