Cross-border business interests call for joint Canada, U.S. post-COVID effort

WASHINGTON – A prominent cross-border lobby group wants Canada and the United States to join forces for an integrated North American approach to the new post-pandemic global economy.

The Washington-based Canadian American Business Association is building a new campaign to encourage a unified economic front as the two countries fight back against the impact of COVID-19.

The “North American Rebound” campaign, which is expected to launch later today, aims to promote concerted efforts to protect personal protective equipment, replenish and maintain medical supplies, and defend critical cross-border supply chains.

It also argues that expanding market opportunities in both countries would accelerate recovery efforts and better equip both Canada and the US to compete in a dramatically different global economy.

The statement is jointly endorsed by more than 24 works councils, diplomats and community stakeholders on both sides of the border, including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian manufacturing and exporters.

As soon as it goes live, the campaign will include an online portal on the CABC website for supporters to add their name to.

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