Cross-dressing firefighter caught performing sex act on man at station

A firefighter stopped after police raided him while performing a sexual act on another man after he thought the fire station was being broken into.

A police officer was on patrol in Signal Mountain, Tennessee when he saw a man standing outside Signal Mountain Fire Station 2, who he thought was a woman in the lobby. The Chattanoogan reported.

According to an Internal Affairs report, the officer said he was driving by when he saw a white man standing in front of the station and what looked like a woman in the lobby.

By the time he turned and returned to the station, “the men and women” were in the building.

Assuming he screwed up a robber at the station on October 6, he looked through a window only to find a man sitting in a chair and a woman performing oral sex with him.

With his bodycam turned on, the officer was recorded trying to enter the building unnoticed to hold the two people.

However, by the time he got to the training room, the man ran to an exit, unzipping the fly on his pants.

The officer yelled at the man to stop, but he walked out the door and forced him into action and knock the runner down with one leg.

Cross-dressing firefighter caught performing sex act on man at station

He then called for a backup.

Authorities have not identified the firefighter.

Officers took the man into custody, where he said the woman was actually a man who let him into the station.

The officer at the scene reported that a firefighter who assisted with his investigation was the same person charged with carrying out the immoral act.

According to The Chattanoogan, lip gloss on the fireman’s lower lip made the police officer suspicious.

The firefighter admitted to the police officer that he was sexually active with the Alabama man.

No charges were filed and the firefighter later resigned.