Cruel customer orders 21 meals from struggling restaurant and refuses to pay

A cruel joker ordered 21 meals from a restaurant and gave the delivery person a false address before refusing to pay for the food because he has “a housewife” who cooks.

The man ordered food worth $ 170 from the struggling family restaurant and, having given the wrong address, the delivery man appeared at the door of a confused resident in Melbourne, Australia.

The prankster then proceeded to send cruel messages to the delivery person after being contacted because the address was wrong, saying things like “I know. F *** heads”.

The man ordered 21 meals consisting of a variety of meat dishes with rice. He had to pay the $ 170 he owed on delivery.

When he received a text message from the delivery man saying “food is on its way,” the man replied with a thumbs up.

But when the driver realized he had been sent to the wrong address, he said, “The address you entered is not correct … it doesn’t seem right.”

To which the customer replied, “I know. F *** heads.”

The delivery man replied, “Thank you for lowering a small local struggling business by making these kinds of inhuman jokes. Blessings. ‘

Cruel customer orders 21 meals from struggling restaurant and refuses to pay

Then the man said, “You stupid bastard. Nobody’s going to buy your ***. I have a housewife so I don’t need your f ****** food.”

Screenshots of the text conversation have been shared with Reddit, which provoked a lot of anger at what the man had done.

One person said, “Disgusting. I don’t understand why anyone would do this.”

“It annoyed me that he didn’t say he had a wife, but a housewife, as if that’s her whole identity. Feel sorry for her. She probably has to put up with this kind of stupid power play, too,” said another Reddit user.

Someone else said, “Wow what an a ** hole.”