Crypto Traders Say This Altcoin Is Poised to Outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021

Crypto traders predict that an altcoin will be the best performer next year, beating the potential gains from heavyweights like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP.

Alternative investment analyst Timothy Peterson conducted a survey on Twitter and asked his followers which coin would be the best performing crypto asset in 2021.

The poll, which elicited the responses of 2,677 crypto traders, shows that Chainlink (LINK) is the clear winner after 44.5% of the votes.

In second place is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and XRP with 32.2%, 15.2% and 8.1% of the vote, respectively.

According to Peterson’s alternative investment firm, Cane Island, Chainlink is a “demand-driven network asset,” which means the number of users is significant A hit on the value of the cryptocurrency.

According to Crypto Intelligence platform Santiment, LINK’s Daily Active Addresses (DAA), a metric used to measure user activity, spiked to highs in mid-August when the decentralized Oracle network hit an all-time high of $ 20.

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User activity took a huge plunge in September when the value of LINK fell over 63% to $ 7.31 in the same month.

Chainlink’s price has recently seen positive momentum as it is now trading at $ 12.81, up over 75% from its September low. However, the DAA metric is still on a downward trend, suggesting that price may catch up.

Featured image: Shutterstock / NextMarsMedia