Dad beaten by teen gang outside school after ‘stepping in to protect his son’

Disturbing footage has shown a dad being savagely attacked by a group of teenagers who he had allegedly confronted for attacking his son.

The disturbing video shows the teens punching, kicking and stomping on the dad outside Park Ridge State High School in Brisbane.

It begins with the adult hitting a boy who appears to have his son pinned to the ground.

Others then pile in and hurl punches at the outnumbered man.

“You f***ing hit me,” the dad was heard yelling. “Someone call the f***ing cops.”

A second video showed the father being spat at by a boy.

Police have started an investigation into the incident after the dad made a formal complaint, acting senior sergeant Nick Edwards said.

“I was blown away by the pack mentality of the students and that they gave no thought to what could have gone wrong with their actions,” he said.

“To see the student spit in the parent’s face was disgusting.”

The Queensland Department of Education said emergency services were called to the school, but couldn’t confirm whether the students were punished.

The school is working actively with the families involved and students are being dealt with in line with the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan, a spokesperson for the school said.

It comes after CCTV of a separate incident was released, showing a man punching a 92-year-old woman in the face in broad daylight.

The woman was filmed crashing to the floor as the suspect looked back before simply carrying on walking.