Dad crashes his £140k Ford while showing off to his daughter's new boyfriend

A flashy dad crashed A £120k supercar trying to impress his teenage daughter’s boyfriend.

Andrew John Earl, 48, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after he smashed his replica Ford GT40 during a spin in June.

Earl, a plasterer, had picked up his daughter’s teenage partner in a Porsche 911 – which retail around £82k – before taking him to see his sports car collection.

The show-off decided to take him for a spin in his replica Ford, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Father-of-four Earl had been revving the engine loudly and speeding through gaps in traffic, according to reports.

The flashy car lover accelerated hard and swerved into the left lane to overtake another vehicle before he lost control.

He smashed into the median strip barrier, ripping one of the supercars front doors of and causing £15,366 worth of damage.

The dangerous driver crashed on the motorway in Dunedin District.

And it was not the first time his driving had ended badly.

Judge Dominic Dravitzki said in 2011 when a “drowsy or sleeping” Earl smashed into oncoming traffic.

He flew head-on into another car, killing an 83-year-old.

Earl was found guilty and fined £1,280 and had his licence stripped for a year.

For his latest crash, he was banned from driving for eight months and fined £768.

He told the Daily Times: “It was most definitely not my proudest moment.

“I’m just so pleased no-one was hurt.”