Dad shook his seven-week-old baby so violently he was left permanently disabled

A father who shook his seven-week-old baby boy so violently he was left disabled has been jailed for six years.

The then 27-year-old, who has not been named, was caring for the baby in April 2018 while his mum was asleep at their home in Dundas, Sydney.

The baby was injured during a night of “uncontrollable crying” while he was in the care of his dad.

He had allegedly suffered seizures for 24 hours before any medical help was sought.

When he was taken to hospital, he was found to have extensive brain and spinal injuries.

Doctors said it was likely he would suffer lifelong disabilities, the Daily Mail reports.

District Court Judge Ian Bourke SC disputed the dad’s claim that the child had ‘slipped out of his hands’.

The judge reportedly said: “I do not believe (he) intended to deliberately harm (his baby), rather (he was) an inexperienced father who was attempting to manage on his own with a child who would not settle and was crying uncontrollably.

“(The father) in his private thoughts genuinely knows that it was his actions committed out of frustration that led to these terrible consequences.”

The dad was charged with reckless grievous bodily harm and not providing for a child, causing danger of serious injury.

He was convicted at Penrith District Court and jailed for six years six months.

The child’s mum, who also cannot be named, was convicted with neglect and has been sentenced to a two year community correction order.