Dad's 'evil' Christmas Grinch prank backfires as crying kids 'scarred for life'

A dad’s Christmas joke with his kids went horribly wrong after dressing in a Grinch outfit in a viral video.

Cody Serrao was accused of ‘scarring’ his two children for life after dressing up as the green monster and ripping their decorations from their Tyngsboro, Massachusetts home.

A clip of the stunt was posted to Cody’s Instagram account and quickly went viral.

It starts with a young toddler and his older sister staring out the window next to an illuminated one Christmas tree.

A Grinch figure dressed in a Santa Claus costume then passes by the window and takes a quick look at the already wailing youth.

The kids turn to filming adults for help, who asks “why” before going to the window and showing the two kids there’s nothing there, asking them, “Where did he go?”

As the man walks to the front door of the house, the two children’s howls drown out the background, just as the man opens the front door, reports the sun.

The man pretends not to see the Grinch approaching the house and shouts, “Okay, I thought I saw him, but I don’t see him anymore,” just as the Grinch gets full camera view.

Christmas Grinch joke

The boy comes to the door and screams and starts crying as he points at the Grinch, then responds with a deafening “yes” to the man, who asked, “Is that him?”

Suddenly, the evil Grinch approaches the illuminated Santa statue outside the house and tries to steal him, prompting the man to say “no, not Santa. Don’t bring Santa” just as the Grinch turns out the light and the boy is heard . crying behind him.

Christmas Grinch joke

As the Grinch approaches the front door, the camera turns to the two children who are now crying and trying to distance themselves from the green man.

Their wail turns to sheer dread as the Grinch climbs the stairs with outstretched arms, trying to grab the two children.

The Grinch grabs Santa by the tree and inches closer to the children, now crying hysterically at the intruder.

But the film-taker then asks “who is it?” while the two kids keep screaming before the Grinch takes off his mask to reveal someone the kids recognize.

The startled little boy continued to scream even as the man hugs the two toddlers.

One Instagram user accused Serrao of “scarring his children for life,” while others describe the joke as purely “evil”.