Darth Vader appears on empty Edward Colston plinth

A Darth Vader figurine has appeared in Bristol overnight.

Dave Prowse, the Bristol actor and former bodybuilder who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, died on Sunday, November 29 at the age of 85.

The statue appeared on Edward Colston’s empty pedestal, Bristol Live Report.

A petition was filed asking for a statue of the Southmead-born actor – who started his career as a weightlifter, bodybuilder and bouncer before moving to London for a career as an actor – to be placed on the Colston pedestal and more than 450 signatures so far.

And now a Darth Vader statue has appeared on the pedestal overnight, with the left arm up and the palm open.

It is not yet clear who is responsible for it and whether the 30 cm statue has been placed there with permission.

Bristol City Council has been contacted for more information.

It is not the first time that figures have been placed on the empty plinth of the slave trader since it was demolished, towed a third of a mile and thrown into the harbor in the summer.

A strange Jimmy Saville mannequin appeared, before his removal, as well as a figure of a Black Lives Matter protester.

The toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol city center on June 7, 2020 has been seen around the world.

Colston’s statue has since been retrieved from the bottom of Bristol Harbor and is being restored in advance of proposed plans to place it in a museum.