Deer 'armed' with stolen rifle after snatching it from hunter with its antlers

In the Czech Republic a deer is walking around armed with a stolen gun.

Police have appealed to witnesses after the animal turned on hunters and snatched the .22 Hornet with its antlers.

Officers said the deer had been scared by a dog and ran to one of the hunting parties.

It ripped his sleeve and hung a strap from the unloaded rifle to his antlers.

Police said another hunter later spotted the deer about half a mile away still carrying the gun.

A spokesman said: “The gun that the hunter had passed over his left arm – fortunately without ammunition – slipped over the deer’s antlers and disappeared with him.

“The hunters searched the forest but did not find the weapon. He had no choice but to report it to the police,” police said on Tuesday. Anyone who finds the weapon should contact the authorities.

In July, zookeepers at a British safari park said they believed visitors were ‘arming’ baboons with tools such as knives, screwdrivers and a chainsaw to destroy cars.

Baboons at Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside are known to pull windshield wipers and wing mirrors off visitors’ cars.

But it is said that some visitors are trying to increase the animal’s damage to vehicles by providing weapons “for a laugh”.


A park staff member is confused by the sightings of the baboons wielding weapons and wondered if the tools had been given to the animals or if they had taken it out of visitors’ toolboxes when they stopped in their enclosure.

A source in the 550-acre safari park said, “The baboons were found with knives and screwdrivers. I wonder if it is some of the guests handing them out.”