Despite Lockdown, Planned Parenthood Opens New Illinois Clinic

(Lucas Jackson / Reuters)

Illinois Governor Democrat JB Pritzker remains adamant that he will not begin lifting the closure imposed on him in his state, or is considering a phased reopening that will ease restrictions in less affected areas. Several mayors and sheriffs in suburban and rural parts of the state have suggested that local regulations will be relaxed and enforcement of the home command will be discontinued, as COVID-19 cases are much less severe in their counties than in urban areas areas of Illinois.

But yesterday, Pritzker warned that he will tackle any company or local area trying to deviate from his order before allowing it. “Companies and individual professionals licensed by government agencies can be held liable for disregarding public health orders,” he said. “Provinces that attempt to reopen in conflict will not be compensated by FEMA for damage they have caused themselves. Local law enforcement officers and the Illinois State Police can and will take action. ”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood in Waukegan, Illinois, less than an hour north of the heart of Chicago, has just opened a brand new abortion clinic, one of about twenty in the state. According to Illinois Right to Life, Planned Parenthood used the names of shell companies on its permit applications so that no one would know that an abortion clinic would open in the area until it was approved.

Despite a strict closure in Illinois, Pritzker’s home birth determined that “reproductive caregivers” were essential and should remain open.

“Governor Pritzker reminds us every day during his press conferences that we are home to protect human life, but that a brand new abortion clinic may be opened,” said Mary Kate Knorr, Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life, in a statement. “Churches, schools and businesses are closed, but the biggest killer of the unborn country is expanding.”

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