Devoted dog jumps in front of bullet to save owner’s life during armed robbery

This is the moment a courageous dog jumped in the way of a bullet to keep its owner safe during an armed robbery.

Doberman Niki sensed danger during the attack in Brakpan in the north-eastern South African province of Gauteng.

Loodewyk De Jager, 58, was followed home by the suspects after drawing out his month’s salary from a nearby bank.

The man was then confronted by the armed men outside the gate to his house.

He said: “I first noticed them when they parked behind me on the driveway. They came to the window and told me to open up, so I did.

“They took my car keys and I just thought, they can take my car and go, it’s insured.

“But then he started asking me ‘where’s the money, I know you have money’.”

As seen in the footage, De Jager’s granddaughter came to the gate with the family’s two dogs to welcome him home and realised an armed robbery was taking place.

The two dogs got out and knocked one of the gunmen to the ground. He fired three shots in retaliation.

Niki was shot in the back, but survived the incident after vets successfully treated the brave animal.

The bullet missed all the dog’s vital organs and Niki needed 14 stitches.

Seven we on the top of her back where the bullet entered, and seven at the exit wound on the side of its stomach.

“She saved my life, they would have shot me, they told me they were going to shoot me.

“Niki is doing well she is strong and full of energy.

“We are very relieved that she only needed stitches and that there was no additional internal injuries. We are so thankful to God that we all came out if this alive.”