Dog cam catches pooch stealing owner's pillow – then pretending it didn't happen

A naughty dog was caught red-handed playing very rough with his owner’s pillow before putting it back as if nothing had happened.

Rupert, a border collie living in Canada, was foiled by his owner’s Furbo dog camera which recorded him running around hyperactivity with the pillow in his mouth.

In the clip, he bounds into the living room with his paws clattering on the floor and dragging the lilac pillow behind him.

After running around the sofa, he then charges out of the room again with his new “toy” in tow.

Hilariously, a photo shows that Rupert put the pillow back exactly at he found it on the bed – leaving his owner none the wiser until he watched the footage back.

The dog’s prank was shared on Instagram by @furbodogcamera who called the culprit a “sneaky pup”.

In the caption, they wrote: “The places your face might have been if @doggorue wasn’t #CaughtOnFurbo playing with your pillow!

“Look where he left it when he was finished.”

Predictably, other dog owners found the footage very amusing and many seemed to find the pooch’s antics relatable.

The cheeky dog put the pillow back where he found it

One person wrote: “That’s messed up!”

Posting a laughing and crying emoji, another dog lover wrote: “Ohhh nooo.”

“Lol this cracks me up, said a third viewer appreciatively.

Another dog camera has caught a pooch’s cute habit that she does every time she has a bath – which apparently is quite often because she gets “stinky”, according to her owner.

Sasha, a Labrador-retriever mix, brings her favourite blanket with her around the house while she dries off and even snuggles up to sleep in it.

This comes after a dog with a soft streak melted people’s hearts after his daily routine of feeding a carrot to a horse was caught on video.

Former NBA star Rex Chapman shared the cute footage on Twitter, writing: “Every morning this really good boy bounces out the door with a breakfast carrot for his best buddy.”