Dog fighting for life after sickos tie fireworks to its testicles

Crooks tied fireworks to a dog’s testicles and set them on fire – before the poor little dog was mowed down by a car.

Demetrio was found on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico after wandering the streets for several weeks.

He was rescued a few days ago by animal rights group Rabito Kontento (Happy Little Tail) and is now fighting for his life.

Vets said Demetrio contracted a necrotic infection of the scrotum, leaving it full of worms.

Rabito Kontento spokeswoman Sharon Deliz told El Vocero newspaper that his injuries suggested that fireworks had been attached to the testicles and lit.

She added that Demetrio cannot move after being run over.

He was also found with heartworm, a parasitic roundworm that can cause severe lung disease, heart failure, and other organ damage.

Deliz said they have not yet reported the incident to the police because the residents who found the dog have not seen any suspects.

She added, “It’s awful that someone could do something like that. If someone did that to him, it was because Demetrio likely approached them for food or affection and got close enough to catch it and tie the fireworks to his genitals.

‘Being a good little dog, he was abused and injured. Being a good dog, he has been in incredible pain. “

The organization is also raising money for Demetrio’s treatment.

Donations are possible here.

Last month has one Golden retriever was found tied to a park bench in Mexico with a heartbreaking note.

Boston, a seven-year-old golden retriever mix, was left in Mexico City on Nov. 22 without food or water.

Its former owner left a message on the sofa that was weighed down by a rock.

Part of it read, “Please, I ask you to adopt this adorable dog and take good care of him.

“It hurts a lot to leave my dog ​​here, but I decided to leave him because my family always treated him badly and it would always hurt to see him in that condition.”

Boston was so afraid of the locals trying to help him that he tried to bite them.

Fortunately, the terrified pup has now been rescued by Marcela Goldberg, 54, who runs an animal shelter called Mascotas Coyoacan.