Dog found abandoned on park bench with child's heartbreaking note

A heartbreaking video shows a woman who finds a puppy tied to a park bench with a note explaining that the home was no longer safe because it was being abused.

The dog was left with a note in what appears to be a child’s handwriting begging a passerby to adopt the pet.

Unfortunately, it said, “Please, I ask you to adopt this dog and take good care of him.

“Leaving my dog ​​here hurts a lot, but I made the decision because my family members abused him and it was painful to see him in that situation.

So if you are reading this and you feel moved please adopt him and take care of him.

If not, leave the letter here for someone else to read and adopt. Thanks.’

The child added that the dog’s name is Max.

It appeared that the dog’s young owner, fearing for Max’s well-being and knowing they couldn’t protect him, had reluctantly tied the pet to the sofa in Mexico City’s Mexican capital on Nov. 22.

The letter the dog left in the park

Members of the animal association Mascotas Coyoacan went to the park and approached the nervous pup, as shown in the images.

Slowly, a female volunteer manages to gain the animal’s trust, even though he seems very nervous, and releases him from the couch.

The dog was then taken to the association’s facilities, where volunteers said it responded well to human interaction and even let people pet it.

Max is still a puppy according to charity and that they are now looking for a forever family for him.

The association said the note appeared to have been written by a child and some words were crossed out.

Max’s name has been changed to Boston so that he could forget his past life of cruelty and start over.

This comes after an old stray dog’s reaction to being petted by its new owner left viewers shedding tears after going viral on Reddit.