Dog lover builds £68,000 palace for pooches complete with TVs and a slide

A man has lovingly showered his five adorable dogs by building them a swirly slide and a mansion with their own rooms.

Zhou Qing from Huai’an in Jiangsu Province of eastern China spent £ 68,000 to create the animal kingdom for his two huskies, two bulldogs and a Shiba Inu.

The two-story luxury home, also known as the dog palace, comes with air conditioning and heating, televisions, lighting and even a safe.

Each dog gets its own room where they can sleep on a sofa or a bed.

The rooms have different designs, but each comes with a set of curtains to give the dogs some privacy.

A video on Mr. Zhou’s social media shows Shiba Inu watching television with one of the two bulldogs, seen on the green couch, in the room on the ground floor.

In a separate clip, one of the huskies rests in the top-floor room of the Chinese cottage-inspired house, while the Shiba Inu invites his playmate into his room.

Exclusive to Daily Star Online, the 31-year-old father said he treats his dogs like family members because they are “human-like.”

The Shiba Inu and the bulldog watched television in the same room

He said, “I really like dogs and I have always been treated as part of my family and they can protect my family.

“There came again when Shiba Inu came to our house and made my son cry, one of our dogs saw it and hurried to scare the dog.

“She [the dogs] also know how to take care of each other. If someone is not feeling well, the others will give their food to the sick person and let them eat.

“They are like people and they understand us.”

Mr. Zhou's five lovely dogs resting in the mansion

The dog lover also provided a lot of entertainment for the dogs, including a slide, a small indoor pool, two swings and some wall chew toys.

There is also a mini bonsai garden with water fountains for the dogs to drink water from.

In another clip, the Shiba Inu take the slide down while the other dogs wait at the bottom.

“The slide was actually built for our family and the dogs,” Mr. Zhou told this site.

Mister Zhou built a bonsai garden with a fountain for the dogs

“The Shiba Inu loves the slides, he just jumps in. The female husky, Ha Mei, also our newest member of the family, will play sometimes.”

Ha Mei is also seen nervously in the slide in the footage, which jokingly said Mr. Zhou was the housewarming celebration of Ha Mei.

Mr. Zhou built the house for the dogs for a year and now plans to expand it into an underground playroom.

“I’ve played with the dogs a lot in the house, so I really want to make sure they are happy and have toys to keep them busy,” he continues.

“We have already started construction, there will be slides for the dogs to go from their house to the basement.

“I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.”