Dog owner gets busted by police for driving down motorway with pooch on his lap

A man was caught driving with a dog on his lap behind the wheel before the traffic police stopped him on the highway.

Bodycam footage taken by officers in Cairns, Queensland of Australia, initially shows what appears to be a small dog driving a red pick-up truck on the Bruce Highway.

The white pooch is seen enjoying the ride as the passing wind brushes through its fur thanks to the rolled-down window.

As the police drive up to the vehicle, it becomes clear that the dog is sitting on the 57-year-old driver’s lap.

One of the officers says: “Dog on the driver’s lap. Elderly gentleman.

“He’s still sitting there.”

Later, the driver pulls up at the side of the highway and waits for the officers to come over.

His pet pooch is seen happily wagging its tail as it meets the two officers.

The officer tells him: “The reason I stopped you today is your dog is on your lap.

“Your dog can’t be on your lap while you’re driving at all.”

The driver quickly drags his dog back to the front passenger’s seat, but seconds later, the excited pooch dashes back across his lap and hops towards the window as the officer explains the regulations.

The man had to retrain his dog from dashing back onto his lap when he was stopped by the police

The man was handed a $311 (£175) fine for the incident.

It is illegal to drive with either a person or an animal on the driver’s lap, as well as travelling with an unrestrained animal anywhere in the vehicle, reported 9 News.

A police spokesperson said: “Despite the fact that our furry friends can be very distracting, it’s also important to put the safety of all road users and our passengers (two-legged or four) first when getting behind the wheel.”