Dog owner hits python with Christmas wrapping paper as it chokes little puppy

A dog owner pried her tiny puppy from the grips of a carpet python with her bare hands after the deadly snake struck.

The large reptile can be seen in video footage shooting out of a chili bush in the backyard before wrapping around nine-week-old Jasper.

But barefoot Michelle van Schouwen didn’t miss a beat diving on the predator to save her terrified pet during Friday’s incident in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

After hearing the wolfhound’s cross howling, she rushed to his rescue and first hit the snake with a roll of Christmas paper while another female watched.

But when time was running out, Mrs. van Schouwen picked up the snake and swung it around while still holding onto little Jasper.

After throwing the python around the yard, she began to nurse her pet’s wounds.

“It was just panic, so I ran and when I got to the end of the patio, I just froze and screamed,” said Mrs. Van Schouwen. Win news.

“I just saw the python wrap around him.”

Dog owner hits python with Christmas wrapping paper as it chokes little puppy

Jasper suffered a bite to his left ear and a bruised lung during the attack, but is in good health.

The images show that the attack took place around 4:30 PM.

Carpet pythons are common in mainland Australia and can grow to more than 11 feet in length.

They eat small mammals, birds and reptiles and use constriction to kill their prey.

There have been multiple reports of carpet pythons killing pets such as cats and dogs, and the snake species – which is usually quite docile as an adult – is a popular pet itself.