Dog wags tail in excitement at 'walk' – but is then abandoned in park by owner

Devastating CCTV footage shows a confused golden retriever wagging its tail as its owner dumps it in a park and drives off.

A video obtained by US news outlet KOIN shows the dog’s Tesla-driving owner pulling into a parking spot at Vancouver Park in Oregon.

She steps out before pulling out her goldie from the car.

The excited pooch, thinking he is about to go for a walk, starts wagging his tail as his owner leads it into the woods.

But she then darts back to her car with her dog nowhere in sight before driving off without it.

Thankfully, the dog was rescued and is now being cared for by I Paw’d It Forward animal shelter in Portland.

Once it is confirmed the pooch has not been stolen from anyone else who was looking for it, it will be put up for adoption.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed they are investigating the incident and have appealed for anyone who recognises the woman to contact them.

It is not the only tragic pet story to have come to light recently.

Distressing footage emerged last week showing a cruel motorist dragging a dog behind him as he drove his motorbike through the streets.

Meanwhile, a dog was filmed getting bashed on the head with a metal bowl by giggling children in a disgusting video.

And earlier this year, a dog had to be put down in what has been described as one of the “worst cases” of abuse ever seen in the UK.