Dog with tragic note around his neck saved from the streets after owner's death

A devastated dog that was left homeless after his owner died from coronavirus has found a new home, after he roamed the streets with a tear-jerking message around his neck.

The pooch named Chester was discovered outside the flea market in Santa Anita, Lima, Peru on Sunday.

Footage shows the clearly sad dog sitting on the pavement with a solemn look on his face.

Written on a piece of cardboard tied around his neck is the message: “Hello, my name is Chester.

“Please help me. My owner passed away from Covid-19 and I have nowhere to go, do not ignore me.”

Market traders had put the sign around his neck in the hope it would persuade visitors to adopt the pooch.

Chester’s owner was also a market stall owner and had wandered the area alone since he had died.

Luckily for the pooch, the manager of a local animal charity shelter spotted it after she was helping out at a nearby stall.

Nataly Oblitas took him to the Happy Little Footprints Peru shelter and shared his story to Facebook, where users were touched by the case.

His story touched the hearts of thousands and he was quickly adopted

After the first veterinary checkup, they confirmed that the dog suffers from Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne animal disease, which affects its vision for which it is already being treated.

Thanks to the broadcasting of the case, Chester found an adopter in less than 24 hours and is now in his new home.

It is not the only story involving stray dogs to have a happy ending.

Last month, an adorable pooch who visited a car dealership every day got adopted and landed his dream job.