Donald Trump concedes in all but name as Biden given go-ahead to transition

Current President Donald Trump seems to have finally admitted without actually saying it, as President-elect Joe Biden has been given the go-ahead to take power.

Biden was formally given the go-ahead by a federal agency on Monday to begin his transition to the presidency, shortly after the state of Michigan declared him the winner there.

With rapid developments, the outgoing president’s already languishing efforts to undo his defeat on November 3 seem to be coming to an end.

The US General Services Administration, an independent agency, informed Biden that his transition – in the run-up to a January 20 sworn in office – could officially begin.

In a tweet, Trump wrote that GSA Administrator Emily Murphy and her team should “do what needs to be done with regard to the initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.”

Last week, Trump appeared to have admitted for the first time that Joe Biden won the US election.

Donald Trump concedes in all but name as Biden given go-ahead to transition

The president tweeted the confession alongside more baseless claims that the vote was “falsified.”

His attack on the integrity of the US election has largely focused on post-in ballots, with his camp also saying that observers could not enter several polling stations and then be kept at a distance from the ballots.

Donald Trump concedes in all but name as Biden given go-ahead to transition

Despite the widespread claims, neither he nor his campaign has so far provided any evidence to back up allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

Trump’s tweet, which appeared alongside a warning from the social media platform stating that election fraud claims are being contested, read: “He won because the election was rigged.

“NO VOTES OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a radical left private company, Dominion, with a bad reputation and bad equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (that I won a lot!), The Fake & Silent Media, & Lake!”


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